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Simply Serving our Community

Simply Serving our Community

Simply Serving our CommunitySimply Serving our Community

Garbage Pick Up

As a service to residents who res inside the city limits our public works team will pick up "household garbage" every Tuesday morning. All garbage must be secured (tied up) in plastic garbage bags and placed in a garbage can by the street on Tuesday mornings only. Litter which is not bagged will leave scattered debris in your yard and blow off of our open bed truck along roads and streets. We ask that empty garbage cans be taken off the street on Tuesday evening and cleaned periodically. 

Large boxes, toys, furniture, tree limbs, and/or other debris (if it will not fit into an average sized garbage bag) will not be picked up. As we hand load all household garbage, no bags can weigh over 25 to 30lbs and if water is in them they will be left. We will take cardboard boxes that are broken down, however we cannot be responsible for liter pick up around the can or yard due to loose garbage or torn bags. 

If these guidelines are not followed garbage service for your residence will be discontinued. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.